Was wir von lettischen Startups lernen können

Anfang dieser Woche besuchten wir das jährliche „Digital Freedom Festival“ in Riga.

Neben interessanten Diskussionsrunden mit weltweit bekannten Rednern und einer wunderschönen Altstadt überraschte es uns, dass Riga keineswegs ein Außenseiter in der internationalen Startupszene ist. Bei einem Gespräch mit Arturs Pumpurs, dem Gründer von ERNEST, konnten wir eines der „Erfolgsgeheimnisse“ der lettischen Startups erfahren.


Nach weniger als einem Jahr steht die Car Protection and Home Control App von ERNEST für den internationalen Markt bereit. Eines der Gründe dafür ist, dass lettische Startups aus der Not eine Tugend machen. Mit rund 2 Millionen Einwohnern ist Lettland recht dünn besiedelt und lettische Startups sehen sich gezwungen, frühzeitig in den internationalen Markt einzusteigen und sich ein internationales Team aufzubauen. Dies führt dazu, dass Startups aus Lettland sich schon internationale Bekanntheit sichern, während Startups aus Deutschland vorrangig bemüht sind, den deutschsprachigen Raum zu erobern.

ERNEST, The World´s First Mobile Butler for Car Protection and Home Control

The newest version of ERNEST enters the market. Bluetooth Immobilizer V2 is two times 

smaller and has full auto connection. Bluetooth Gates V2 also has upgraded connection 

capabilities and extended range. There is no comparable security system currently on the 



The Latvian-based ERNEST startup is the brainchild of European tech entrepreneur, Arturs Pumpurs. Pumpurs’s goal was to solve the inconvenience of home and auto protection. He encountered far too many out of date solutions, non-functioning chips, and multiple remotes for opening gates, garages, and other home security features. 

His intent was to create a single, streamlined, mobile solution. The solution he envisioned 

would provide access to the car, garage door, and home gate with one mobile app, kind of 

like a trustworthy butler. The butler’s name is “ERNEST.” 

Vehicles run on computers, and the threat of “vehicular cyber sabotage” is real. According to 

a 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report, 1.4 cars are stolen each minute in the United States, 

causing more than $4.5 billion net loss. ERNEST is the solution — providing absolute security 

with modern convenience. Instead of connecting to a board computer, Ernest stops the vehicle’s fuel system, and blocks cyber attackers from hacking into the vehicle’s security  system.

ERNEST is for more than vehicle security, however. Homeowners and real estate 

professionals benefit from the app’s ability to grant and revoke home access to tenants, 

visitors, and others. Allowing access to a door or gate is as easy as sending a text message, 

and can be done from anywhere in the world. The “mobile butler” opens and closes gates, 

garage doors and barriers with a single tap, while being one of the most secure options 

available on the market. 


The concept, technological solution, and design of ERNEST was developed in Latvia by a high-

caliber team of internationally-recognized designers, developers, and business executives.  

Founder Artūrs Pumpurs came from a 10-year career at Stoli Vodka. Fionn Dobin, the creative director, brings her experience working with General Motors and Adidas. Maija Rozenfelde is the lead designer, having worked with Barnes & Noble, Smirnoff, and IBM. After two years of product development, ERNEST was launched in Latvia in February, 2016. Now, less than a year later, ERNEST is ready to enter the global market.

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